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Thank you for your interest in our Tournament. We welcome back everyone who has joined us in the past and are very happy to have all of you who are joining us for the first time. We know you are going to have a great time.

For ten years we have hosted this tournament to honor and remember a five year old boy, Dalton Hinkle, who lost his life much, much too early. Dalton was an exuberant young man, the youngest of five. He had all older brothers. His father and mother both supported and volunteered their time to the BGRA. They always go above and beyond to do whatever they can for this community. Dalton, like his brothers and parents loved baseball. He would come to the Emmerich complex with his Dad often just to hang out the fields, and occasionally cause some mischief knowing full well he could always turn on that "I'm the youngest of five boys charm" and all would be forgiven. We hope you will play this weekend with Dalton in the back of your minds. Youth baseball is all about the kids.


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Buffalo Grove , Illinois
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