We select youth baseball players who we think will be able to play at the next level, be that youth Majors or high school varsity or college and professional. The goal is to make these players competitive at the appropriate level. In order to be competitive, players must put in time of their own to improve their skill level. If you are willing to devote time each week to improving your skills, be it hitting, base-running, fielding, pitching, catching, etc., then this is for you. You will be selected because you have shown something that we think will translate into a baseball player. You have to become competitive by working on your game. Some of you will have the tools plus the developed skills to become elite players. Whether you are elite, competitive or select the goal is to get better.

Our coaches are among the best at recognizing talent and coaching the skills of the game. You must want to be part of the program in order to optimize what the coaches bring to the party. The teams will not be democracies, there will be no votes cast. The player fee does not buy you the right to vote, it buys you a spot on the roster and the experienced coaching. The coaches will lead and expect you to follow. If you are willing to take direction and put in time on your own to develop your baseball skills, this is the place to be. If you have a high level of commitment to success and a high level of commitment to the leadership we will provide, being a part of the Dallas Mustangs is the place for you.

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Dallas , Texas
Field of Dreams Baseball Tournaments Iowa
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