Legacy Baseball was developed out of a passion for baseball, kids, and helping others to reach their greatest potential.

Here, you are part of a family of athletes who all share the same Attitude, Approach, Intensity, Toughness and love of the game.  At Legacy, athletes learn to respect the sanctity of the game, stay humble in victory, be gracious in defeat, and build the desire to keep competing.

We train athletes to play with supreme confidence. We compete with a “TEAM” approach and the willingness to do your individual job within that concept.  We bring excitement toward competition and display the intensity to our matches.  Athletes will develop the ability to overcome adversity, displaying Toughness through all the game has to offer.

Our coaches will work diligently to build each athlete's individual Baseball skillset helping to maximize their Baseball potential.

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Chesterfield , Missouri
Field of Dreams Baseball Tournaments Iowa
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