The main goal of both Mustangs baseball and softball is to aide in the development of young men and women both on and off of the field. Our Mustangs baseball organization is home to 30+ teams while our softball organization is currently home to 8 teams. The Mustangs are proud to call RoundTripper, a state-of-the-art facility, their home.


  • The privilege of being a Mustang must be earned daily but celebrated for a lifetime. As student-athletes, we take pride in achieving athletic and academic excellence.
  • When Mustangs support Mustangs, the Mustang community is strengthened.
  • We face challenges head-on with optimism and enthusiasm.
  • Integrity and character shall guide all our decisions and actions.
  • We value and respect our supporters and competitors.
  • strong work ethic and commitment to the Mustang team shall define how we compete.
  • Active involvement in the Mustang community is the cornerstone of a rewarding experience.
  • Learn by doing makes us unique, and separates Mustangs from the herd.

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Westfield , Indiana
Field of Dreams Baseball Tournaments Iowa
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