The Indiana Angels are a 8u-18u Travel Baseball Organization founded by MLB Pitcher, Bill Sampen. The Angels are a complimentary program to the Indiana Expos that allows for non-paid coaches and/or teams the same opportunities and access to the Samp's Hack Shack and Indiana Expos staff. We are proudly partnered with the best travel baseball organization and indoor training facility in the state in the Indiana Expos and Samp's Hack Shack.

In 2016 we created the Indiana Expos Organization. That was just 6 years ago. CRAZY! That first year no tryouts were held. We were given 3 teams of players from various areas. Fast forward to now and we have 15 teams, and roughly 70+ college commits (and counting) in our first 3 graduating classes. Last year our 17u National team won their 2nd consecutive ABC tournament at Grand Park. A tournament first, except this time they won the 'Invite Only' instead of the 'Open'. The Expos are on the map and pulling highly talented players from all over the Midwest and beyond including Kentucky, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois to name a few. We want to bring our knowledge and expertise to a larger setting of people. The Indiana Angels in partnership with the Indiana Expos and Samp's Hack Shack makes this a reality. We want to continue to build our family of players, coaches, and families to give our players the best chance to succeed both on the field and in life. Thanks for visiting our website!

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Brownsburg , Indiana
Field of Dreams Baseball Tournaments Iowa
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