Craig Faulkner and Mark Guthrie developed the Florida Burn ten years ago. The organization's directors have been lifelong teammates and friends while attending Venice High School and Louisiana State University.

While at LSU Faulkner and Guthrie learned their blueprint for success under the tutelage of legendary coach, Skip Bertman.

The majority of the Burn staff has also developed as players and coaches under both Faulkner and Guthrie. The continuity that this has created has made the Florida Burn unique in its teaching philosophies and second to none in organizational communication as well as player development.

Our Mission

01.Respect the game

The Florida Burn's main objective is to develop all types of players through a respect for the game of baseball that will create a lifetime passion to remain involved with the game.

02.Create the best exposure for our players

The Florida Burn teams will always enter the best events and play against the best competition in the country. On top of that, our staff will communicate and keep the lines of communication open with any and all recruiters interested in our players. Our network of recruiting relationships is second to none.

03.Make sure our players are ready for the next level

Whether a Burn player is heading into high school, college, or professional baseball our goal is to make sure he is ready to compete from the first day he sets foot on a field at the next level. Our staff has experience at every level, including the highest, and can prepare our players with honest assessments and advice that will prove valuable for their future.

04.Have fun

Most importantly, our players will have fun playing the game. This is still the best way to insure future success.

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Sarasota , Florida
Field of Dreams Baseball Tournaments Iowa
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