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Tournaments Location Organization GG Start Date End Date Age Group
Triple Crown Winter Championships Panama City , Florida Triple Crown Baseball 4 02/18/2023 02/20/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U
EARLY BIRD CHALLENGE Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 03/31/2023 04/02/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U
TCS KC CLASSIC Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 04/14/2023 04/16/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U
TCS MIDWEST CHALLENGE Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 04/28/2023 04/30/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U
KC SLUGFEST CHAMPIONSHIP Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 05/12/2023 05/14/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U
LEGACY WORLD QUALIFIER Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 05/19/2023 05/21/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U
MO/KAN STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS (8s-18s) Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 05/19/2023 05/21/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,17U,18U
SUMMER SIZZLER Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 06/23/2023 06/25/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,17U,18U
BIG SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP Nashville , Tennessee Triple Crown Baseball 4 06/30/2023 07/04/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,18U
TCS FALL OPENER Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 09/08/2023 09/10/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,17U,18U
TCS WOOD BAT FALL CLASSIC Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 09/22/2023 09/24/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,17U,18U
TRIPLE CROWN VALL TUNE UP Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 09/29/2023 10/01/2023 7U,8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,17U,18U
TRIPLE CROWN FALL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Missouri Triple Crown Baseball Na 10/13/2023 10/15/2023 8U,9U,10U,11U,12U,13U,14U,15U,16U,17U,18U


Fort Collins , Colorado

Triple Crown Baseball hosts youth and high school baseball tournaments across the United States.  Tournaments include OMAHA SLUMPBUSTER, ARIZONA SPRING CHAMPIONSHIPS, WORLD SERIES, SUMMER NATIONALS, FALL NATIONALS, COLLEGE EXPOSURE – PATHWAY BASEBALL.

Triple Crown Baseball’s SlumpBuster

Triple Crown’s SlumpBuster® has become a fixture on the youth circuit, entering its 21st year as a tournament dedicated to building memories and bringing families together around the great game of baseball. More than 40 states from coast to coast send teams to Omaha in June for the opportunity to play unique competition and sharpen their skills for the summer campaign.

By playing in the SlumpBuster®, teams have an opportunity to attend a College World Series game. Triple Crown Baseball schedules the tournament so teams can make their way to beautiful Charles Schwab Stadium and watch the best Division 1 programs in the NCAA compete for a national title. Immerse your kids in the excitement, check out the activities downtown and see baseball how it was meant to be played!​ ​

Arizona Spring Championships

The Arizona Spring Championships has traditionally drawn from all over the United States. Club teams in the 8u-14u classifications converge in Arizona during the magical time of year called Spring Training. Hopes are high in the Southwest as teams play on some of the premier facilities in Arizona. With the backdrop of Major League Spring Training and gorgeous weather (typically 60s at night and high 80s in the day), this event has something for everybody. Your team and families will enjoy some of the best resort lodging in the Southeast Valley and Scottsdale. Prepare your team for the season. Take on some of the best competition, but also get in some early reps with Triple Crown’s special formatting, designed to give your team early game action in the spirit of Spring Training!

Pathway Baseball

Triple Crown Sports, Pathway Baseball and Iowa Western Community College, have created a one-of-a-kind College Baseball Experience in June during the College World Series. Hosted by Iowa Western’s head baseball coach Ryan Cougill, the event will offer two sessions – one for Underclass (15u/16u) and one for Upperclass (17u/18u). 

The is a fully-immersive college baseball experience where players and coaches stay on campus in suites and dine from a buffet menu prepared by the Iowa Western Culinary Arts program. The event is currently limited to 28 teams per session.  Our focus is and has been to create geographic diversity along with top level competition.

Triple Crown Baseball https://www.triplecrownbaseball.com/ 

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